Powering Digital Transformation across Industries using Blockchain Technology

1% of the fund raised in the ICO goes into supporting initiatives for carbon neutral Earth

ICO sale completed and fully subscribed
Over 1000 mil RMW tokens sold globally
Staking program launching shortly. Earn Up to 50% APY
RMW token IEO & listing announcements and news coming soon
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Web 3.0 Enabled Solutions

RICHMINT is in the forefront in the development of Blockchain and Metaverse based use case solutions using AR/VR and AI. These encompass Web 3.0 technologies which bring about a paradigm shift in the way business is done in the Digital World.

RICHMINT DAO End-To-End Solutions

RICHMINT DAO’s native token RMW, a utility token based on the ERC-20 protocol, was designed for deployment across industries encompassing customer experiences in Healthcare, Fashion, Education, Pharma, Real Estate, Logistics & Supply Chain, Energy, to name a few. These End-To-End solutions include cutting edge technologies of DLT, Metaverse, Smart Contracts and Big Data Analysis.

Our Offerings

Metaverse Based Solutions

Web 3.0 based solutions for Healthcare, online Trainings, Gaming etc. are being developed using Metaverse technologies along with AR, VR and AI.

Smart Contracts and DLT

Problem specific Ethereum based Architecture or Private Enterprise solutions across businesses. We also offer complete End-To-End Supply Chain solutions along with DLT.

Dual Token

RMW & RICHMINT Stable coin together with their unique use cases and easy swapability provides a seemless experience and makes the platform more Crypto regulatory friendly.

Our Platforms


Web 3.0 Metaverse and Blockchain based Use-cases under development for multiple Global customers.


RICHMINT Exchange, a central exchange enabling Spot Trading with unlimited tools and the best UX powered by RMW, provides our users with the best crypto trading experience.


A Blockchain exclusive only to Sustainability-based projects being first in the Blockchain Industry with DAO implementation.

Token Usability

We designed RMW, the native token of RICHMINT DAO, to facilitate all financial & data transactions, access the RICHMINT platforms & drive the reward system on the RICHMINT Ecosystem. The ERC-20 based RMW will further be utilized as a utility token to access our Meta-based, Supply Chain & DLT solutions.


The Roadmap


Frequently Asked Questions
RICHMINT DAO is a Governance protocol designed to aggregate all the ESG-conscious stakeholders access limitless possibilities in the DeFi world. It provides a wide spectrum of deployment applications across various sectors of business.
Our native token is RMW- the Acronym of RICHMINT WORLD. RMW ICO Sale ended successfully with more than 1000 million tokens sold globally. We are currently working on listing the utility token on global exchanges, from where RMW can be purchased. Stay tuned for more updates.
Our primary mission is to successfully implement Web 3.0 technologies across businesses to help them achieve Digital transformation and enhance their current Business models. We offer problem-specific Meta-based, DLT, Supply chain solutions to name a few.
RICHMINT DAO ecosystem is utilizing truly Decentralized Web 3.0 technology, IOT (Internet Of Things) concept coupled with Blockchain and Smart Contract architecture on Ethereum along with Hyperledger fabric for Private Enterprise solutions.
The RICHMINT WORLD Token (RMW) derives value from its technology, technical capacity, innumerable use cases possible, and mainstream use, i.e., popularity among crypto users and traders. Also since RMW token is targeting businesses focused on ESG compliances and Governance, it is designed to promote and create a safer and cleaner planet Earth. The intrinsic value of RMW and RICHMINT DAO is defined by its technology and features.
RMW Staking is now live via our Staking Portal. Click on the Staking button in our Website to begin your Staking with us. We offer industry- high yields of up to 50% APY by Staking RMW. RMW Staking is one of the simplest ways to earn Passive income where stakers get rewards on daily basis on our platform (Daily interest program). Moreover, we are the first in the crypto industry to offer Cumulative rewards program for stakers who would want to compound their returns.